Discover a new way to broadcast your Radiostream today
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Your Social Networks
Combine the news feeds of all social networks. Thanks to the full integration of VK (VKontakte), Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, participants will have full access to all of your content through a single application.
Your Radio App
Extend the reach of your audience! Taking advantage of our offer, gives you an ability to listen to your radio station anywhere in the world. Your own mobile application – is not only an important tool for engaging your audience, but also a new ground for your advertisers.
Your Push Messages
Interact with the audience, using push-notification. Tell them about interesting events and programs with a single click. Do not wait for the audience to join you, take a first step and join them, by letting them know what is expected on the radio show.
Why choose us?
No hidden fees
Right now, you can get your own mobile app without investments or development costs.
All platforms
Your application will be available in Apple App Store, Google Play and Windows Phone Store. A wide reach is guaranteed.
Growth and development
We have been permanently developing and adding new features, sought after and demanded by our customers. Thus, the functionality of your application will be constantly growing, and you have no need to pay for that.
Choose your plan
You may choose plans according to the required functions. All updates will be delivered for free.
Marketing and promotion
We are interested in making your mobile application to be highly demanded by users. So we will create its promotion plan for you.
A complex approach
We develop, publish, support and perform maintenance of applications. All that's left for you is to enjoy the advantages of your mobile application.
Other benefits
Consolidate your online presence by bringing your social feeds together, and take control of reinforcing your own brand, adding value, and broadening your fan-base.
With a strong identity, and instant connection through a simple, friendly interface, you'll be amazed at your brand stickiness – why would your fans go anywhere else?
By cutting out the middleman, you're opening up a direct connection with your loyal following, establishing your channel as a relevant and in-touch brand.
The profit of your TV channel depends on the size of its audience. Find new viewers around the world, while providing them with new ways of getting your content.
Vote on additional ways to monetize your channel (such as video on demand, native ads and pre-rolls) so that our app works for you.
Complete reliability
For your application, we will use the infrastructure of Amazon servers. This will ensure that your application is totally safe and reliable.