Your Radio App

Extend the reach of your audience! Taking advantage of our offer, gives you an ability to listen to your radio station anywhere in the world. Your own mobile application – is not only an important tool for engaging your audience, but also a new ground for your advertisers.

Your Social Networks

Combine the news feeds of all social networks. Thanks to the full integration of VK (VKontakte), Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, participants will have full access to all of your content through a single application.

Your Push Messages

Interact with the audience, using push-notification. Tell them about interesting events and programs with a single click. Do not wait for the audience to join you, take a first step and join them, by letting them know what is expected on the radio show.

Why choose us?

Clear pricing and no hidden costs

Unlike Facebook, we won’t ask you to pay to boost your visibility and user-interaction. We want to connect you with your followers and help you to grow and monetize your radio, so there will be no unexpected expenses or fees.

We build, publish, support and update the app for you

The app is simple and intuitive to use, so you don’t need any programming skills to start using it right away. As operating systems are updated, we’ll make sure that the app remains fully compatible, so you’re always connected.

We cover all major platforms and markets

Available from all leading app stores (iOS App Store, Android Google Play, Windows Phone Store), and compatible with all major platforms, our app makes sure that your radio is accessible to the broadest scope of users, worldwide.

Your radio station grows with our platform

We are constantly developing and adding new features, as voted for by the channel owners, so your branded app will grow in capacity and functionality, at no additional cost, as our platform develops.

Marketing and promotion for our clients

It is our interest that your mobile application will be in demand with your audience, and we will prepare for you a promotional plan with step by step instructions. Also, you get a promotional package: banners and personalized landing page.

Choosing your package

You can choose your package on the basis of the required functions, getting all updates for free.

Subscribe and cancel at any time

You are not tied in to a contract, there are no hidden fees, and we are not asking for an investment. Download, subscribe and get instant access to your app, and retain the flexibility to cancel at any time.

Other Benefits


Your radio is your brand. Increase its visibility and its profitability by combining the radio station and social networks in a single application.


If you give your audience a convenient app with a user friendly interface and a lot of new features , would they look for something else?


When you are in a constant interaction with your audience, you are becoming closer to them. You will be wondering, why you didn’t use that application before.


To get started with your application, all we need from you is to register on our website. Your application will be created shortly.


For your application, we will use the infrastructure of Amazon servers. This will ensure that your application is totally safe and reliable.


This means that your application will be created in a programming language of the platform for which it is intended, and you will not have any problems with its compatibility.


The profit of your radio station depends on the size of its audience. Find new listeners around the world, while providing them with new ways of getting your content.


New ways to monetize (native advertising, promotional videos, and interactive advertising) will increase your appeal for advertisers.


Be aware of what is interesting to your users. Get detailed usage statistics and keep up-to-date with your audience.